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€ 1,900,000

The south Aegean region of Turkey is historically a very rich and important region. Many important philosophers origin from here: Thales the father of Science was born here. Along its enourmous cultural heritage it is also a nature paradise and has one of the most healthy kitchens in the world. Lake Bafa: Lake Bafa Nature Park resulted from cutting off a bay from the sea one thousand years ago. With the fading connection to the sea it became a place for monks to retreat in silence. Eleven monasteries were built around the lake. Starting from 1994, hundreds of pre historic rock paintings as old as 8000 years were discovered all over the Latmos Mountains. Lake Bafa offers a perfect mix for history, hiking, nature and relaxation

Lake Bafa Fact Sheet

• Located between İzmir and Bodrum

• Distance to Milas-Bodrum Airport : 50 km • Distance to İzmir Airport: 90 km

• 3.5 hectares of land, nine hundred olive trees

• One stone house of 50 sqm and 34 rooms of 20 sqm which can also be turned into private residences

• The number of the rooms can be extended with additional building possibilities inside of the land

• Restaurant with panoramic view that can cater up to 120 people at the roadside

• Restaurant direct at the likeside that can cater up to 150 people • Conference and yoga saloons by the lake

• Several terraces, decks and a pier with Lake view

Concept Ideas

First concept would be a luxurious Lake Resort & Spa and residences where people let themselves into total relaxation in an unspoiled nature. Asmall marina by the lakeside where guests can take boat trips around the several islands on the lake as well as cultural day trips if requested. The lake serves pleasant weather all year around, winters being mild, autumn and spring offering spectacular views. As the lake has very suitable weather and water conditions for sailing, laser boats could be added for the lakeside water activities. The hotel’s panoramic restaurant can offer a variety of very good quality food. The combination of the wild herbs that are collected by the mountains and sold at the local bazaar and the hotel’s cold press olive oil with 0.5 acid level make one of the most delicious and healtiest kitchens. In addition to this, eel which is the speaciality of the lake could be served smoked, grilled or as sushi as it is traditionally done in Japan. There is also some signature meat dishes as the meat is purchased from the village butcher which is extremely delicious. Second concept would be an alternative health center/retreat & spa There is a high demand for this kind of tourism with not much alternatives. Lake Bafa could be a perfect location for this concept as the physical and natural conditions of the land makes it a perfect retreat. As the area is famous for birdwatchers, the sounds of the various birds makes it a perfect way to start a day. In the health center concept, there could be saunas and massage rooms built in the rocks, hot and cold infinity pools could also be built. With a dietitician and other health members included, different programmes could be offered during the day as well as yoga, ancient practices and treatments.

(See concept idea in pictures).

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