Out of a need born a year ago, we at Global Lux Realtors were inundated with requests by our client's to provide concierge services for their stay in Bodrum and throughout Turkey. With this heightened interest, we decided tojoin forces with the little black book Bodrum to open up a Concierge division catering to our client's growing appetite for distinctive experiences and to handle their everyday vacation needs.

Life is but a dream…. At GLOBAL LUX REALATOR and The little black book Bodrum,we have curated an international team of dream catchers who specialise in making your dreams a living, breathing reality. Every day deserves a celebration and every celebration gives our team the opportunity to innovate, create and perfect a unique experience to cater to your unique vision.

With an experienced international team based out of Bodrum, we understand that planning a vacation or an eventcan be a highly consuming and often stressful time. We have spent our professional lives cultivating relationships throughout the hospitality, entertainment and travel industries having tried and tested experiences, to bring you only the best from each region, so you can enjoy every moment. We appreciate that your time is valuable and so we offer you an array of knowledge based upon an amalgamation of your desires and our expertise.

We value ourselves on the cornerstone that communication is key and pride ourselves on a healthy ability to listen to not only what has been spoken but to come up with ideas you may never have imagined possible. We take your possibilities to the next level by anticipating your needs and wants with a creative intuition that comes with experience.

Heading our concierge team from the little black book Bodrum Is Karishma Naina Sharma a resident of Bodrum originally from Sydney, Australia and AygunAkkoyun a local hospitality expert residing in Bodrum and Istanbul his home town.

Restaurant Recommendations and Booking

What’s hot and happening or cozy and comfortable is just a click away. Let us recommend and book for you the ultimate time out in Turkey.

Interior Decoration

Moving into a new home or just looking to modernize, we can provide furniture of the highest quality from selection to installation.

Detox Yoga Holistic Packages

Over indulged or just looking to re center? There’s no better place to let go and re-energize than surrounded by the fresh air and beauty of the Aegean Sea. We offer you tried and tested yoga and holistic practitioners, detox centers and therapists to help you realign and reboot for your journey ahead.

Massage, Health and Beauty

Sit back, relax and allow us to whisk you away to serenity with Turkey’s most exclusive spa’s and salons. Too tired to head out? Let us send massage therapists and salon services to your doorstep or even to your yacht!

Transportation Needs

Summer can be a hectic time for traffic in the major hot pots of turkey. We highly recommend all of our clients to have their very own vehicle and driver at their service. Whether you need a luxury vehicle or everyday transportation, we have a fleet for your transport needs.

Yacht Charter

Island hop, sunset drinks in the majestic Aegean Sea. We love putting together the perfect charter to meet your nautical needs.