New Development Of 4 Bedroom Villas With Private Swimming Pools

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300 Sqm
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Location: Antalya, Kepez, Odabaşı Neighborhood
Construction Area: 2400 m2
Construction Start Date: November 2023
Delivery Date: February 2024
Number of Independent Sections and Areas of Use:
8, 300 m2, 4+1 Villas
The Villas project is a project consisting of 8 villas, each with private usage areas. There are 8 300 m2, 4 +1 villas in the project, of which construction will start in November 2022 on a 2400 m2 land area in Odabaşı neighborhood in Antalya Kepez district.

The Villas include;
- Smart home automation system.
- Air conditioning and floor heating systems.
- Special design furniture.
- Wood and/or laminate flooring.
- Built-in faucet system in armatures.
- Generator.
- Built-in kitchen; stove, oven, hood.
- Natural gas infrastructure.
-2 indoor parking spaces for each villa
- Led interior and exterior lighting
- Stairs, landscaping, facades and common areas suitable with three-dimensional visuals.


1- A separate swimming pool will be built for each villa.
2- There will be a video system with security connection and a video system open to communication between apartments.
In addition, there will be video access by laying the infrastructure from the security to the apartments.
3- Built-in (oven-hood-stove) Bosch will be Franke brand.
4- The countertop will be white or anthracite gray coreon or marble, the countertop forehead will be made of glass, 5x5 size glass mosaic ceramic or granite.
5- The natural gas compatible column installation will be pulled up to the villa entrances and will not enter the apartments.
6- A generator with a power to meet all the electrical power of all apartments and common areas will be installed.
7- The air conditioning system is a multi-system and will be designed in such a way that a single outdoor unit will be used and will not be visible from the facade. Cassette type air conditioner will be selected in the halls and integrity will be ensured in terms of decoration. Air conditioning will be installed in each room and its power will be selected according to the size of the room. Air conditioners Mitsubishi, Daikin viesmann.. etc or will be equivalent brand and will be class A inverter.
8- Balcony railings are rectangular profiles with corners on top of the glass window dressing, while duplex stairs will have railings made of wood, glass, wrought iron cladding in accordance with the material used.
9- Toilet bowls in the bathrooms will have a built-in reservoir, double chamber and the interior sets will be vitra brand. A bathroom cabinet with a size suitable for the project will be built under the sink and the sink will be placed on top of it in the common and en-suite bathrooms,.
10- The ceramics to be used in all areas of the villas are Aegean, Vitra, etc. or imported brand will be 1st class. 60x120 glossy granite nano technology material will be used on the floors and walls depending on the interior project visuals. The marbles that will be used will be the same as in the interior visuals.
11- Sanitary ware and fixtures will be ECA, Vitra or imported brands and their models will be determined jointly with the land owner.
12- A model will be made that will be separated by a sand glass separator Instead of a shower cabin. A double bathtub will be installed in the bathroom in the master bedroom on the top floor. Necessary visual designs will be made for exit to the bathtub. A sauna of the appropriate size will be built at the place specified in the application project.
13- HES, Siemens, etc. brand cables and fuses will be used In the electrical infrastructure,, switches and sockets will be Viko, etc. brand. Switches will have LED light and they will have night sensor. The lighting of the duplex staircase will be the vavien system. The inside of the cables will be copper and the aluminum mixture will not be used.
14- Suspended ceilings with decorative models made of plasterboard will be applied in the hall and in all rooms. Aluminum suspended ceilings will be applied in the bathrooms.
15- Insulation will be made on the roof in accordance with the project, if the roof covering is not solved as reinforced concrete, it will be made with 15 cm ytong plate After the Ytong roof is made, it will be covered with insulation suitable for the project. A tile or a modern roof covering will be made on top of the insulation material as a final layer.
The tile to be used can be Marseille type decorative and colored when required.
16- A night vision security camera system will be installed around the site and will be able to be monitored in security office. In addition, a central satellite system will be installed and at least 3 dishes will be installed, and this will be solved in a way that will be placed on the top of the blocks facing the sky.
17- 1 elevator will be built in accordance with the project in each villa and the interior cabin design will be determined jointly. The elevators will be designed without a machine room in such a way that they can serve all floors from the basement to the roof. There will be automatic doors, stainless chrome, a touch screen that brings you to the floor will be made on each floor in the elevator.
18- The height of the garden wall is at least 2 meters. Las 50 cm of it can be in the form of a wire fence. Coating or sprinkling rough plaster will be made on the wall with the appropriate material to be determined jointly.
19- The project in the 3D picture to be drawn by the architect on the exterior and interior spaces will be adhered to, and etails that are difficult to solve will be determined jointly.. The indoor and outdoor project, which is determined and signed between the parties, will be adhered to, and if changes are desired, it will be determined jointly.
20- A toilet-sink will be built into the security hut, an entrance nap will be organized on top of it, and the entrance to the site will be designed by solving the outdoor project, which will be determined jointly.

21- Kitchen cabinets and interior doors will be lacquered, cloakroom, bathroom cabinet will be made of lacquered furniture. Manufacturing will be carried out on the doors and kitchen cabinets adhering to the interior project. Self-stoppers, hydraulic opening and closing hardware will be used in kitchen cabinets. Villa entrance doors will also be selected from double-leaf, decorative, water-resistant material, as in outdoor visuals, and furniture will be made.
22- Black granite, marble or wood will be used at the entrances to the site and at the side of elevators. In addition, a decorative coating mixed with wood and glass will be made at the entrance. This work will be drawn by the architect in 3D.
23- The engineer to be determined by the land owner will supervise every stage of the work and is authorized to have the missing and wrong productions corrected on behalf of the land owner. Any construction that does not pass the approval of the control has not been received and will be considered defective and faulty.
24- Chrono Swiss etc. 1.quality brand grouted laminate and laminated parquet will be used in the apartment. The skirting boards will be 15-20 cm high and the colors will be determined jointly.
25- Dyo, Filli, Marshall or Polisan brand will be used as the paint brand. The paint to be used on the exterior will be silicone-based washable acrylic. Erasable paint will be used on the interior If the contractor company wants to use wallpaper in the interior instead of paint, they will use it.
26- The CONTRACTOR shall make the same materials used in his own flats to the land owner, without changing the quality and size. However, if the CONTRACTOR wishes, he may leave the flats unfinished and decorate them according to the customer's request. In this case, the CONTRACTOR cannot demand the same decoration from the CONTRACTOR.
27- The exterior of the buildings will be built in accordance with the 3-dimensional project and the entire facade will be covered completely with composite, industrial coating ceramic.. etc.
28- The inner gardens of the villas will be separated from the garden boundaries with suitable plants as seen in the landscaping project and the border will be built. There will be a closed garage with automatic shutters for at least 2 cars for each villa.If a closed parking lot is made, there is no need for a garage with shutters.
29- All the productions made in the villas will be manufactured by adhering to the application, interior and exterior 3D visuals determined and signed by the parties. No manufacturing apart from this, will be accepted by the CONTRACTOR and will be dismantled and replaced. The CONTRACTOR will not demand an extra fee in case of any legal dispute from the land owner regarding these useful productions. It has been accepted and declared between the parties that these productions are necessary and useful productions for the villas.
30- The site plan in the attached sharing sketch and the detached garden areas of the villas will be complied with. Again, the areas of the floors have been determined according to the block sharing construction area table given in the appendix. Therefore, in case of a decrease or increase in any block, it will be reflected to each block at the same rate.

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